dead prez-MIND SEX.

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DOpe ass beat.The song as a whole is dope.


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Sv.What is the Look Of......LOVE

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Ill Chill'n Interview#3 :ChildEARL

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Mylo: So Tell Me Who are you?

Earl/Sly :-_-
Mylo: WHo the f**k are u,What do u consider ur self,A girl ,a man, A alien,An deranged child what?

Earl/Sly :earl sweatshirt/ sly I guess, I’m good at rapping

Mylo: What influenced you to start rapping ?

Earl/Sly :ol dirty bastard ,i wrote my first verse after I heard Brooklyn zoo,that and the drought three and Like water for chocolate, the Common album, my mom used to bump that when I was like 11-12

Mylo: What goes through your mind when you write a verse?

Earl/Sly :i hate writing around people cause i do this gibberish sh**t,to get whatever flow down, I make the words fit into the flow and uhhhhh whatever nobody's heard before, that’s what I’m aiming to spit

Earl/Sly :however cliche that may sound

Mylo: What’s wrong with cliché?

Earl/Sly: I told you to address me like the pretty bitch that I am

Earl/Sly :the fact that everything’s cliché, however cliché that may sound….f**k I just talked myself into a hole, cliché means regular or some sh**t and regular means going to college, and getting a job that you're not really happy at

Mylo: A cliché (from French, ), or cliché, is a saying, expression, or idea which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning…. David Copperfield sh**t
Earl/Sly :aye hoe, I’m telling you what cliché means

Mylo: Proceed pretty bitch

Earl/Sly :yeah I’m done,hahaha

Earl/Sly :next question cadet

Mylo: Whats popping with OFWGFTA? how’s it with the Of camp

Earl/Sly :haha look, odd future is a group of closet gays with superior musical talent ,um yeah …mellow hype, thats left brain and hodgy sh**t, i think they're tryna drop later this month. I’m gonna drop EARL in late February.

Earl/Sly :Tyler’s tryna finish up WOLF by march, and I think domos tryna finish “naked and famous” up around then too
Earl/Sly :this next year is gonna be like odd future take over I’m tryna get signed before senior year is over ,I’m not gay btw

Earl/Sly :i stab niggas

Mylo: Mask or no mask?

Earl/Sly :no mask bitch i want you to see these lips

Mylo: Ether or Take over?
Earl/Sly :ether wtf

Mylo: Hahaha

Earl/Sly :takeover ate da dick

Earl/Sly :mos defs version of takeover was the sh**t for some reason in my book

Mylo: Quasi homosexuals is running this rap sh**t!

Earl/Sly :yeah, damn:i really wanna know how to spell iseralis….i'm smart, but like i'm a dumbass

Earl/Sly :when push comes to shove
Mylo: Haha,Do you have any theories on life you would like to share?

Earl/Sly :swag that sh**t out

Mylo: Mmmm...*shaking head*

Mylo: "They say that dreams are only real as long as they last. Couldn't you say the same thing about life?"

Earl/Sly :yeah, or you could go get drunk and throw things
Earl/Sly :look, you don't wanna die

Mylo: Jerk or die?

Earl/Sly :wait hoe you don't wanna die knowing that school was the only thing you ever tried hard at, so go….go my children f**k sh**t up, have fun….

Mylo: Ummmmmmm.............f.s.fsf.sfs.hfh.fs

Mylo: I hate how you confuse me when im interviewing you.

Earl/Sly :ricky ross

Mylo: Favorite Rap line= ?
Earl/Sly :"i used to be a goon, but now i'm a pretty bitch" lil b, da based god

Earl/Sly :now let me pick a real one, hold on ,f**k…so many
Mylo: No swagg.

Earl/Sly :f**k

Mylo: I have a goood Question! What the f**k is Assmilk?


Earl/Sly :its when you drink to much liquid and your sh**t is runny ,not diarrhea runny…like wata baby…like juicy ass water and its also a pretty good song,that song got my f**king myspace page so many f**king random plays

Mylo: Hahahaaha...Back then they didnt want me..

Earl/Sly :that just goes to show you, the faggots of Los Angeles eat Tyler’s ass..smh…piss me off

Mylo: Who wouldnt want to eat tylers ass?

Earl/Sly :so that’s what this is want to eat Tyler’s ass,look….

Mylo: lmao ,No

Earl/Sly :its not that great… its hairy and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t wipe

Mylo: U know we go back,like 4 flats on a Cadillac, aha you’re dumb.

Earl/Sly :..i'm honest,hell yeah we go back nigga…

Mylo: You like reading books?

Earl/Sly :anyways, yeah I like reading

Earl/Sly :my mom doesn't let me leave the house till i've read an hour everyday
Mylo: Word?

Earl/Sly :yeah

Mylo: That's in some sense Dope!

Earl/Sly :yeah it is, you finish books fast,yeah a literary appetite is part of the reason i'm the sh**t JUST KIDDING DICK

Mylo: Sad Face*

Earl/Sly :damn f**k i wish i was cool so i could say that and mean it

Earl/Sly :like i wish i was like 6"3 and like clean

Earl/Sly :so i could say that and sit back like "what...bitch"

Mylo: Can you share a few bars to show people what youre like?

Earl/Sly :yeah…..i'm twerkin on that bitch/i'm workin on that bitch/ she suckin on my dick/ cause i'm a pretty bitch/ u tripping bitch/ I’m iced out

Earl/Sly :knamean

Earl/Sly :i gets real lyrical with my sh**t


Earl/Sly :yeah son

Mylo: I came.
Earl/Sly :i was about to say the gayest sh**t ….wow

Mylo: Give me a real answer...this What feelings do you express when you rap?

Earl/Sly :anger ,humor.. yeah its pretty much a combination of both, throughout everything, yo

Mylo: What’s the Strongest feeling you have or had have that you haven’t expressed in a song yet?

Earl/Sly :real talk, EARL is gonna be... goddamn

Mylo: What is it gonna be? The dopest sh**t anyones ever heard?

Earl/Sly :i'm trying to make sure it is..hopefully people will like it

Mylo: Speaking of there like a Huge concept with the album, if so would you want to share it or just wait till it's out.

Earl/Sly :um..its pretty much gonna be a reincarnation of my like initiation into OF….like………….

Earl/Sly :niggas is on my head all the time..big ass forehead, big ass lips .Start out at the beginning like "who the f**k is this nigga", which is what i hear from everyone, every studio I’ve been to that’s what people are saying to themselves then by the end its like "goddamn, this kid is f**king incredible"

Earl/Sly :"Ahead Of My Time But Behind On My Rent"

Mylo: That’s whassup That’s the power of Emcee'n dog...Your word is your bond….I gotta few more things to ask

Earl/Sly :fashiggidy….I’m liking this

Earl/Sly :no homo I’m not gay

Mylo: lol..What kind of girls you like?

Earl/Sly :I could really give a f**k about race,if she look good, then she looks good

Earl/Sly: i like girls that aren't f**king retarded

Mylo: I can digg it...Kelis or Rihanna?

Earl/Sly :kelis all day what the f**k

Earl/Sly :..

Earl/Sly :f**k rihanna…yeah i said that sh**t


Mylo: Beyonce or Angelina Jolie

Earl/Sly :Beyonce, cause her legs are like AHHHHHH and jolie is old, Rihanna is my boxing coach

Mylo: Awwww...So f**ked up .lol.. Do you think that those who make fun of Rihanna and Chris browns situation are pushing towards Domestic violence ? Or it doesnt matter

Earl/Sly :sh**t kinda surprised me how fast the public got over it, hahaha she got her ass beat and people were like "well, f**k it" partially, its because Chris brown is the sh**t
Mylo: Yeah word up..haha

Mylo: Well any last words for the readers....U better write some long sh**t!

Earl/Sly :um ……..yeah prolly

Earl/Sly :YO i found the mesmerized instrumental in my itunes…we gotta redo it
Mylo: YES send it to me

Earl/Sly :knamean i wanna throw that bitch on earl

Mylo: Good.

Earl/Sly :so yeah, final words: yeah prolly

Mylo: END.

Solo Bday.

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