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08 was a year of change...man im bout to work hard FOCUS Everything rolling this year..man..Something i picked up New years eve From a movie...Live like this..Freee
"It's like you come onto this planet with a crayon box. Now you may get the 8 pack, you may get the 16 pack but it's all in what you do with the crayons - the colors - that you're given. Don't worry about coloring within the lines or coloring outside the lines - I say color outside the lines, you know what I mean? Color all over the page; don't box me in! We're in motion to the ocean. We are not land locked, I'll tell you that. "
"the past aint the future move on and thats life"
-hodgy beats.
In the Words of Loofy....-

Loofythedon (12:00:03 AM): THIS IS IT
Loofythedon (12:00:10 AM): THIS IS THE YEAR WE GET NOTICED
Loofythedon (12:00:18 AM): BY THE H***
Loofythedon went away at 12:02:17 AM.
jwmijothedon (12:02:22 AM): HAPPY NEW YEARS

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