My Thoughts On THis jerk stuff.....And The West ..

January 15, 2009 | |

Ni__as Been jerking for a while nn stuff ...its a cool little dance you know..Everybody doing it/ im actually happy its its a move ment..The jerk movement..or But i feel this is like what We needed...Uknow..A fun thing everybody make vids put em on u tube uknow..but the sh_ iis kinda wack in my point of view...Hey idk...But i dont do it..I actually got my own ....way 2 exclusive for the public eye....Im happy for dudes making the jerk music..Even tho theyre arent any piano and shit in it lol no chopped samples..i love the songs uknow..PU$H'As taking over this club music tho..what i want to see is ALL THESE DUDES MAKING THIS MUSIC FROM PUSHAS TO NEW BOYS TO ALALAL GANG SET CREW W.E GET NOTICED In THe Mainstreeam,,Or Get some type of real hype cause they got what it take to make it u know..itll b like THe West Coast Take Over years again....Them along with Casey v,C San , Ace , Lavish, Hodgy ,90's kidds..u feel what im saying but yeah....

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