Ill Chill'n Interview#2 :Child Blak,

December 28, 2009 | |

Mylo : So what's up Bro How are You?

Blak Tha Map : Good man working music wit mi homies.

Mylo : How'd you come up with the name Blak tha map?

Blak Tha Map : welll............ (laughing out loud)

Blak Tha Map : when i first moved to Los Angles Mi name was blak bcuz .... duh im blak as hell

Mylo : (laugh out loud) Wow...Then where did tha map pop up from?

Blak Tha Map : Then I wanted to be the map bcuz i loved Dora the explorer, i had the dunks that said the map, and mi girlfriend at the time rap name was Elmo (laughing out loud)

Blak Tha Map : so it stuck with me 4 the last 3yrs

Mylo : hahaa funny s**t...Ima clown u for that forever...But anyways...

Mylo : What started you making music?

Blak Tha Map : (laughing out loud)

Mylo : Before i ask that, what exactly do you do what are your talents?

Blak Tha Map : Rap, Singing (no auto tune), making beats, mixing, video mixing,
video creation and art.

Mylo : Dope And what influences you to do so? what do you need to let out? what do u want Nigg*s to see?

Blak Tha Map : Influences; My dreams, Gurls, and Parties. I’m tryna Get mi music played everywhere possible, like im talking to johnny cupcakes about making a line. And Want These Cliché rappers, niggas, hoes, ect. to see is that im barely 16 doing things that ppl twice my age is tryna do. I'm tryna change the world and eventually own it. (laughing out loud), jk not really... Which means that I work with a purpose which makes me different the same ppl in mi field. thats i only work with the best affordable artist, such as Mylo, Lina Beats, Tyler The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Loofy, Radio Aktive and other that fall with them

Mylo : I can digg that Yo Word to motha!

Blak Tha Map : (laughing out loud)

Mylo : what kind of girls you like?

Blak Tha Map : honestly, intelligent but very sexual white or Asian girls

Mylo : why not the $istA's?

Blak Tha Map : I do dig sum sistas but the sistas i've been around as of lately hasent been really cuttin’ it, except Asha, but that the homie (laughing out loud)

Mylo : (laughing out loud)..Hey
“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

-Coco Chanel

Mylo : Yay or nay?

Blak Tha Map : Yay and Nay..

Mylo : haha..You like em Fabulous not classsy tho huh!?

Mylo : Anyways!

Mylo : Getting sidetracked and sh**

Mylo : Who’s ur favorite musician?

Blak Tha Map : I would have to say kid cudi

Mylo : And why?

Mylo : He Suck.(laughing out loud) jk(kinda)

Blak Tha Map : kid cudi speaks to the subliminal

Mylo : Dezamn..

Mylo : what Do u think make you understand the subliminal people don’t see or understand?

Blak Tha Map : The Way life Truly Works, Like how u cud b FUk'd up on accident (laughing out loud) jk, but like how u cud be mad but sad at the same time but not kno why, yet if ur subliminally oriented u seek the answer and find it almost immediately, and neutralize the internal issue. which keeps said person on a steady stream of happiness…


Blak Tha Map : "keeps said person on a steady stream of happiness" - Means this keeps them from feeling unhappy, sad or suicidal

Mylo : Whats the Strongest feeling you have or had have that you haven’t expressed in a song yet?

Blak Tha Map : the love of mi life stole mi heart but was breaking at the same time ..
Mylo : Damn...What style of music will you use to chanell that emotion?

Blak Tha Map : rnb, no auto tune, imma work on it tomorrow it prolly be done by then to (laughing out loud)

Mylo : Well Shooot it thru here bro.

Blak Tha Map : will do

Mylo : How important is forgiveness?

Blak Tha Map : key bcuz it releases me n lets me move on

Mylo : Abortion: Murder or Choice?

Blak Tha Map : choice…sike…murder

Mylo : Pro or Anti?

Blak Tha Map : Anti

Mylo : Does Music Shape Your Personality?

Mylo : If Yes How has it done so to you?

Blak Tha Map : Duble yes , Every Waking Moment I’m always thinking bout it. I dont sleep bcuz of it and my mom grow tried of me mentioning it[lol]

Mylo : But how does that shape who u are as a person?

Blak Tha Map : It makes me make smarter decisions

Blak Tha Map : keeps me half honest (laughing out loud)

Mylo : iight Son. One message for all the readers?

Mylo : And yo [btw]Where you reside right now son?

Blak Tha Map : Clarksville, TN As of lately, but I’m moving back 2 LA as soon as Possible

Mylo : Chill ..But Last message to all the readers.

Blak tha Map: Shouts TO Myles(Mylo), Solo and Asha. Mom I see you, thanks 2 my big bro for buying me some more studio equipment, Get The Future EP and 4eva Dop3 Compilation in Early February, also.......... Live well, Love Much and Laugh Often -

Mylo : Iight...One love BLAK .

Mylo : Ki$$ the ring -Mylo-CHOwW!

Mylo : END.

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