Ill Chill'n Interview#1 :Child Asha m.

December 26, 2009 | |

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Mylo: Who are you?

Asha M: Im a African American 'girl' on the outside who people call Asha but I’m a African Women on the inside who is searching for her real name.

Mylo: M...interesting ,What do you do ? Like your talents and what not.

Asha M: my talent is art which in my definition is anything that allows you to express yourself from music to photography, art etc. Which I love doing ., art is my happiness.

Mylo: Why does it make you happy?

Asha M: because I’m able to express myself completely without my art judging me like how ppl would, my art talks to me and I always get good energy from it, it connects me to the mighty one.

Mylo: Favorite Teevee show, Musician, and one random fact.
Asha M: The Nanny Show , Musician.....idk that'll take forever for me to answer, and ummmm im 5'5 now.


Mylo: thats the question what does nigga=

Asha M: Shiiiitttt....

Asha M: i feel the word Nigga means , someone who is ignorant. Plain and simple.

Mylo: Pepsi or Coke?

Asha M: Pepsi

Mylo: yo hood aint $hit?

Asha M: My hood is shit

Mylo: fuck the life thing.

Asha M: (laughing out loud) mkay.

Mylo:what do you classify ur self as?

Asha M:Im everything.I can't even try to label what I am.truly, not to be

Mylo:Good answer.

Mylo: One message to everyone who reads this.

Asha M: hm., were all being played and with that were all being lied to.
Mylo: Peace out N*gaaa,,Ki$$ the ring.

Asha M:I think I like Gucci Mane hahaha.Idk why but I like some of the beats he be rapping on.

Mylo: END.

P.s:F**k her HOOD!
Check her blog out.

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